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Turkey Meatloaf

  I like to make either a roast chicken or turkey breast on Sunday evenings.  There’s something comforting and homey about a roast in the oven, and they also yield great leftovers for lunches the following week. Even homier, although maybe less festive, is a … Continue reading

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Rigatoni with Cauliflower and Sausage

Cauliflower makes a wonderful sauce for pasta–either with tomato or without.  Tonight, I’m in the mood for it cooked “in bianco,” as Italians would refer to the non-tomato version of a dish.  Instead of tomato sauce for moisture,  I’m using … Continue reading

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Dinner in the City–Roast Chicken Breast

I’m not in the city that often these days, but when I am, occasionally I’ll cook in my city kitchen.  This is one of my “city” meals.  It was made in my tiny NYC kitchen, on a tiny stove and with only one … Continue reading

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Crispy Skate Wing with Caramelized Lemon

On the East End of Long Island we’re lucky enough to have skate caught locally.  For those of you unfamiliar with skate, it’s a winged fish–a member of the stingray family.  The wings are delicate and light–I would characterize their … Continue reading

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Rolatini di Pollo

  Rolled chicken breast stuffed with ricotta and spinach is the perfect way in which to use up some fresh ricotta that I bought the other day–it’s very perishable and I can’t bear to ever throw it away.   Fresh ricotta imparts a … Continue reading

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Calves Liver (My Way)

I learned to make authentic Venetian-style calves liver from my neighbor Beppi, a couple of years ago–it was one of the first dishes of his region (the Veneto) that he taught me.  He learned this dish in the 1940’s as a waiter at … Continue reading

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Pasta with Butter, Sage and Walnut Pesto

Butter and sage (and parmiggiano) are a wonderful combination as a dressing for pasta.  Traditionally, in Italy, stuffed pastas are dressed this way–ravioli, tortelli, tortelloni–depending on which region you’re in.   But plain fettucine happen to be delicious dressed simply with butter and sage.   … Continue reading

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