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Flageolet Stew with Turkey and Farro

Flageolet beans are among my favorite varieties of dried beans–  they’re small, green, and sturdy, and when cooked properly, remain soft and velvety on the inside. In addition, the scraps of turkey from yesterday’s turkey scaloppine that were not usable … Continue reading

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New York Times Turkey Cassoulet (My Version)

Although I read cookbooks from cover-to-cover, like novels, I haven’t actually tried someone else’ recipe in a long time.  Usually from these books, I retain ideas or concepts, and formulate my own recipes.  Last week in the Dining section of … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Chicken Soup with Kale and Quinoa

Quinoa and kale seem to be on everyone’s radar these days–not only for their intensely earthy flavors and hearty textures, but also for their potent nutritional value. My mother makes a quick and easy chicken soup, using bouillon as her base, adding chicken breast (I … Continue reading

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Dandelion and Rice Soup

Even in sunny South Florida, the occasional “under the weather” day can happen, when nothing is as comforting as homemade soup. Every weekend at the farmers’ market, I routinely buy dandelion greens, whether I have an intended use for them or not.  These are grown … Continue reading

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Frutti di Mare with Couscous

This is a light and delicate main-course that features fish, scallops, aromatics  with a touch of orange for sweetness and brightness.  A variety of fish and shellfish can be used to make this dish.  I used three locally-caught varieties that … Continue reading

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Spezzatino di Tachino

This turkey stew is a direct adaptation of my neighbor Beppi’s preparation for tripe.  I’m having guests for dinner tomorrow evening and I want to make a stew that can be made ahead, then reheated in the oven, leaving my stovetop clear for me … Continue reading

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Pasta with Cranberry Beans and Tuscan Kale

The brief cold snap in South Florida this week happened to have coincided with the appearance of fresh cranberry beans in my local farmers’ market this past weekend.  A bean stew would be perfect for dinner in this weather.  I … Continue reading

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