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Flageolet Stew with Turkey and Farro

Flageolet beans are among my favorite varieties of dried beans–  they’re small, green, and sturdy, and when cooked properly, remain soft and velvety on the inside. In addition, the scraps of turkey from yesterday’s turkey scaloppine that were not usable … Continue reading

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Scallopine of Turkey Marsala with Porcini

I continue to enjoy the wonderful dried porcini that my friend Kathleen dropped off on my doorstep last month.  Tonight, I decided to add them my Turkey Marsala. Turkey breast is a beautiful alternative to veal, for making alla marsala. … Continue reading

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Mom’s Baked Breaded Chicken Breasts

This is another recipe of my mom’s that she used to make for us when we were kids.  It’s simple to make (much simpler and less messy than pan-frying), can be prepared ahead of time, then placed in the oven … Continue reading

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Mom’s Turkey Meatballs

On Mother’s Day, I made this recipe in honor of my mother, who makes the best turkey meatballs on the planet.  These are moist, light and flavorful.   Many people have asked my mother for this recipe, so several years … Continue reading

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Professional Roast Chicken Breasts

In preparing various meats, fish and poultry, restaurants often use a combination of pan-searing, then roasting to get that golden crispy exterior, while maintaining moisture on the inside.  This technique works especially well with bone-in/skin-on chicken breasts. Not only does … Continue reading

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New York Times Turkey Cassoulet (My Version)

Although I read cookbooks from cover-to-cover, like novels, I haven’t actually tried someone else’ recipe in a long time.  Usually from these books, I retain ideas or concepts, and formulate my own recipes.  Last week in the Dining section of … Continue reading

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Supermarket Turkey Meatloaf

Most of my cooking in Florida is a combination of farmers’ market produce and supermarket main courses.  The array of product at my local Publix market consists of many national brands that I don’t normally find at the smaller specialty … Continue reading

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Italian-Ate Stuffed Turkey Breast

This is, in my opinion, the most elegant way to enjoy turkey and stuffing.  All of the butchering is done prior to roasting, so carving and serving are neat and easy.  My preparation makes maximum use of the turkey breast, … Continue reading

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Chicken Thighs with Caramelized Shallots and Bacon

A local favorite restaurant of mine, Nick and Toni’s in Easthampton, makes one of my favorite roast chickens.  They have a wood-burning oven in which they roast most of the main courses that are served–meats, fish and chicken. One of … Continue reading

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Rosemary-Orange Glazed Turkey Breast

This is a wonderful main course for dinner, that can also provide you with wonderful leftovers for lunches the following days.    As a main course, I serve it with the skin on, dressed with some of the orange glaze. … Continue reading

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