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Pasta with Cauliflower and Butternut Squash

This dish is a great combination of earthy and sweet.  Since cauliflower and butternut squash are available for the next few months, I’ll make it often.  You can use this sauce to dress any of a number of pasta shapes, … Continue reading

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Scalloppine with Eggplant Sauce

Before I freeze the remainder of my Two Hour Eggplant Sauce, I’ve decided to make a quick dinner featuring it.   Eggplant and chicken are great together and this dish highlights their subtle combination. Scalloppine refers to thin cutlets (I’m using … Continue reading

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Italian-Ate Tabbouleh

We’ve had a little snap of Indian summer this weekend and I still have lots of tomatoes ripening on my window sill.  I’ve discovered that this middle-eastern dish works just as well with farro as it does with bulghur wheat.  I like … Continue reading

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Two-Hour Eggplant Sauce

I’ve referred to this sauce in several prior posts.  I got it from an episode of Lidia Bastianich’s PBS series “Lidia’s Italy” several years ago and it peaked my curiosity.  I’ve adapted it to my own taste and proportions and … Continue reading

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Salsa Verde with Pan-Roasted Salmon

I’ve mentioned my neighbor Beppi’s salsa verde before, and I’ve been experimenting with my own.  Here is a version that I’m proud to call my own.  This sauce can go on a variety of grilled fish and meats, as well … Continue reading

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Pasta with Broccoli di Rapa, Sausage and Black Olives

Pasta with broccoli di rapa and sausage is one of my favorite pasta dishes, and one that I make often–especially in the colder months.  I vary the dish from time-to-time in different ways.  Sometimes  I boil the sausage first, then slice it … Continue reading

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Pappardelle with Wild Mushrooms

Tonight I’m making an intimate birthday dinner for two.  For this special occasion, I’m seizing on the bounty of beautiful (and expensive) wild mushrooms that I’ve been coveting for weeks at my produce market.  I’ve been noticing morels ($49/lb), chanterelles ($29/lb), and lobster mushrooms ($49/lb), … Continue reading

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Rolled Turkey Breast with Pears and Spinach

This dish represents a nice transition from late summer to early fall.  I hate to let go of summer, but I do love the bounty of vegetables in the fall.  Today, I saw perfectly ripe pears at one of our … Continue reading

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Orzo with Butternut Squash

This is essentially the same technique as cooking pasta.  The butternut squash gets peeled, diced in cubes, sauteed with onion and a touch of nutmeg, sauteed, then covered and simmered until soft and well-cooked. The orzo is boiled in plenty … Continue reading

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Beppi’s Broiled Chicken Thighs with Rosemary

This dish is so simple, in my opinion, it requires no recipe–only technique and photos.  I found my neighbor Beppi making this dish one evening when I stopped by to visit.  It looked and smelled so good, I watched him … Continue reading

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