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Poached Eggs with Sorrel Pesto and Asparagus

This is a beautiful Spring brunch and part three of the sorrel pesto.  It’s a Springtime spin on classic Asparagus Milanese, which combines asparagus with fried eggs and lots of parmigiano cheese. The bright, lemony flavor of the sorrel pesto is … Continue reading

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Dinner for One–Sformato of Tuscan Kale

A sformato is basically a custard.  Different from a frittata, it isn’t fried, but gently baked in a water bath.  There is no golden-brown exterior–simply pale, rich softness, inside and out.  This is the perfect light supper or appetizer for … Continue reading

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Dinner for One–Smoked Salmon Hash with Tuscan Kale

At the farmers’ market, I found a vendor that smokes his own salmon using a hot-smoke method, rather than a simple cure.  This means that the fish is cooked, as well as smoked.  It’s firmer and drier than conventional smoked … Continue reading

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Pasta Frittata

Many years ago, when I was in Italy staying at my aunt and uncle’s house for the summer, my aunt made me this dish with some leftover spaghetti.  It was a revelation–she just cracked some eggs into the pasta, sauce … Continue reading

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Frittata of Broccoli di Rapa and Chorizo

My neighbor, Beppi, taught me about frittata with broccoli di rapa.  For some reason, I never thought to combine broccoli di rapa with eggs, although now, it makes perfect sense.  I have some leftover cooked broccoli, and in addition, I have … Continue reading

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Asparagus Milanese

It’s now the season–this is a favorite brunch dish or appetizer in the spring when asparagus are at their peak.    Last night I made asparagus with our dinner and I made an extra-large amount so I could make this dish for brunch. I … Continue reading

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Frittata with Asparagus, Ham and Feta

I had asparagus left over from my Spring Pasta with Asparagus and Ramps the other night–I intentionally made double the necessary amount of asparagus the other night,  looking ahead to a frittata for Sunday brunch. My mother always made frittata for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning, as … Continue reading

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