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Flageolet Stew with Turkey and Farro

Flageolet beans are among my favorite varieties of dried beans–  they’re small, green, and sturdy, and when cooked properly, remain soft and velvety on the inside. In addition, the scraps of turkey from yesterday’s turkey scaloppine that were not usable … Continue reading

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Swiss Chard with Shallots and Lemon

This time of year, we’re all craving  fresh spring vegetables, but every year we forget that spring vegetables don’t really surface until late in the season (in Eastern Long Island, anyway).  I’m always looking for those first crops of local … Continue reading

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Maple and Thyme-Scented Rutabaga Puree

Rutabagas are nothing more than large yellow turnips.  This comforting puree can take the place of mashed potatoes any night of the week for me.  It’s rich and earthy-tasting, but actually, quite light.  I like to add sweetness to it–a … Continue reading

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Potato Galette

This is a great side dish for a variety of meats/fish/poultry, and can even be a lunch by itself, with some salad and cheese.  It’s more French than Italian, and I make it from time-to-time, when something refined and festive … Continue reading

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Scarlet Runner Beans with Chorizo and Quinoa

These beans have a deep, velvety flavor, and when combined with a grain,  are a great one-pot meal. Without the chorizo, this could be an entirely vegetarian dish, but the chorizo adds that smokey hint of paprika that I love.  … Continue reading

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Dinner for One–Golden Filet of Sole

Something about fresh fish and crispy potatoes always takes me back to Rome, since this is the meal I eat most often when I’m there.  This elegant dinner can be assembled for one (or two) persons in about 45 minutes … Continue reading

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Twice-Baked Potatoes, Italian-Ate Style

The beautiful lamb chops that my butcher had the other day inspired me to make my version of a meat-and-potatoes kind of meal. I was in the mood for baked potatoes,  and tonight, I decided to dress up our baked … Continue reading

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Quinoa with Cauliflower and Kale Pesto

This nutrient-packed dish was inspired by the cauliflower that’s started to appear at my local farm stand. Cauliflower is so nutty and becomes so beautifully golden with so little effort.  I’m always inclined to make it with pasta or some … Continue reading

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Fregula with Corn and Morels

The other day, a box of beautiful, fresh morels arrived at my doorstep, sent to me by my friends, Bob and Carolyn, from a wonderful source for wild mushrooms based in Wisconsin ( Morels are a rare treat and are typically associated with … Continue reading

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Red Cabbage with Pine Nuts and Raisins

Red cabbage lends itself to sweet/sour preparations because of its inherently pungent, mustardy quality.  It’s a good side dish to prepare for guests, since it can be cooked, then reheated at the last minute. It can be sauteed to crisp-tenderness … Continue reading

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