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Quinoa and Swiss Chard Cakes

Leftover grains of almost any kind are–to me–an occasion for fritters!  The green quinoa from the other evening’s dinner is the perfect nutty backdrop for some fritters made with swiss chard and parmiggiano cheese. You need not have made the whole quinoa … Continue reading

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Pasta with Artichokes

  Since I have some leftover artichoke stew from the other evening (we ate all the chicken from it, but there’s a nice amount of artichokes and sauce left), I couldn’t resist tossing it with some bucattini and topping it … Continue reading

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Salad of Arugula and Apricots

This is a bright and sweet combination that was (once again) inspired by my weekend in California.  Arugula, dried apricots, tomatoes and green olives.  Topped with a blue/goat cheese, this is a wonderful sweet/tart combination of ingredients that is a thoroughly … Continue reading

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Quinoa with Arugula and Lemon Pesto

In case you were wondering why the quinoa on the plate in last night’s dinner was a lovely pale green –I thought I’d share the recipe with you.  I love making and experimenting with pesto of all different varieties–it’s a great way to … Continue reading

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Pollo e Carciofi

My friend in California couldn’t have planned a better weekend for us culinarily . . . one great restaurant after another–each offering a bounty of local and artisanal ingredients which Californians (like Italians) accept as their birthright.  Without a doubt, the … Continue reading

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Off to California

I’m off to California for the weekend.  Posts will resume early next week.  Tune in then and Happy Easter!

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Mustard Greens with Bacon

This is very similar to my collard green recipe of a month ago, but the mustard greens tend to have more delicate stems than collards, so tonight I’m keeping the stems.  Like swiss chard, I begin by cutting off the … Continue reading

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