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Broccoli with Radicchio and Preserved Meyer Lemons

Last week I was intrigued by an article in the NY Times which gave a technique for quick-curing lemons.  I love to use citrus zest in cooking (which I learned from Mario),  so the idea of using the whole fruit sounded … Continue reading

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Spicy Squid Ink Linguini with Lobster and Jalapeno Pesto

I’ve had a request for a dish using squid ink linguini, so this morning I was on a mission as I browsed my local farmers’ market.  This one’s for you, Todd.  Jalapeno pesto was one of Mario’s innovations when I worked at Po … Continue reading

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Spezzatino di Tachino

This turkey stew is a direct adaptation of my neighbor Beppi’s preparation for tripe.  I’m having guests for dinner tomorrow evening and I want to make a stew that can be made ahead, then reheated in the oven, leaving my stovetop clear for me … Continue reading

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Tuscan Kale Pesto

  Outside of traditional basil pesto alla genovese, this is my favorite pesto.  There is something unique about the texture and mild flavor of tuscan kale that lends itself to pesto.  I’ve been buying it every week from my farmers’ … Continue reading

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Pasta with Cranberry Beans and Tuscan Kale

The brief cold snap in South Florida this week happened to have coincided with the appearance of fresh cranberry beans in my local farmers’ market this past weekend.  A bean stew would be perfect for dinner in this weather.  I … Continue reading

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Pasta with Prosciutto, Mushrooms and Arugula

This is a greener, less luxurious version of my neighbor Beppi’s famous pasta with white truffles.  I’ve long discovered that adding a bit of chopped fresh greens like spinach or arugula to an otherwise deep and rich dish is a great … Continue reading

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Pasta with Zucchini Two Ways

To me, zucchini and tomatoes are the essence of summer.   Therefore, what a treat to be eating them locally grown in January!  I couldn’t resist posting these dishes, even though they may be similar to other dishes I’ve posted (during the … Continue reading

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