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Dandelion and Rice Soup

Even in sunny South Florida, the occasional “under the weather” day can happen, when nothing is as comforting as homemade soup. Every weekend at the farmers’ market, I routinely buy dandelion greens, whether I have an intended use for them or not.  These are grown … Continue reading

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Supermarket Turkey Meatloaf

Most of my cooking in Florida is a combination of farmers’ market produce and supermarket main courses.  The array of product at my local Publix market consists of many national brands that I don’t normally find at the smaller specialty … Continue reading

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Tropical Lobster Salad

As you may have guessed, the ingredients that went into this salad are reflective of my winter habitat–South Florida.  This was the perfect light lunch, inspired by some of the many wonderful ingredients at my local farmers’ market. I’ve opted … Continue reading

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Risotto with Celery Root and Luganiga Sausage

This may not have much camera appeal, but I had to share it with you, because it’s one of the most delicious risotti you’ll ever make.  Celery root is still available at my local farm stand and I love to make … Continue reading

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Duck and Winter Squash Ragu

This is a simple and deeply satisfying winter dish that tastes as if it takes hours to prepare, but doesn’t.  Thanks to ready-cooked duck confit, this dish can be made in about a half-hour total.  Admittedly, not every supermarket (or … Continue reading

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Maple and Thyme-Scented Rutabaga Puree

Rutabagas are nothing more than large yellow turnips.  This comforting puree can take the place of mashed potatoes any night of the week for me.  It’s rich and earthy-tasting, but actually, quite light.  I like to add sweetness to it–a … Continue reading

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Turkey Redux

Turkey and White Bean Soup Turkey with Wild Mushroom Sauce Turkey and Porcini Risotto Turkey and Rice Croquettes Although I usually shop for food daily, last weekend I bought large quantities of fresh produce from one of our farm stands, … Continue reading

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Italian-Ate Stuffed Turkey Breast

This is, in my opinion, the most elegant way to enjoy turkey and stuffing.  All of the butchering is done prior to roasting, so carving and serving are neat and easy.  My preparation makes maximum use of the turkey breast, … Continue reading

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Salad of Kabocha Squash, Green Olives and Blue Cheese

This time of year, I can’t get enough of the sweet, rich flavor of winter squashes.  For any lover of butternut squash, kabocha is a revelation.  It’s sweeter and creamier than butternut, with a deeper orange interior. Because of its … Continue reading

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Potato Galette

This is a great side dish for a variety of meats/fish/poultry, and can even be a lunch by itself, with some salad and cheese.  It’s more French than Italian, and I make it from time-to-time, when something refined and festive … Continue reading

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