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Veal Chops with Butter and Sage

There is no meat as delicate as a veal chop.  They are usually tender, and very clean and neutral-flavored–not gamey or rich the way pork or lamb can be (not that there’s anything wrong with that).   Here, I’m using loin … Continue reading

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Braised Pork Shoulder

  I’m expecting one of my oldest friends and partners in food crime this weekend.  It’s the perfect opportunity to make a 7 pound pork roast, dripping with fat and flavor!  Unlike the relatively austere veal roast I made for my … Continue reading

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Filet and Wild Mushrooms

‘   Since I have leftover risotto with porcini from the other night, I’m building tonight’s meal around it–a grilled filet, sauteed cremini mushrooms and sauteed spinach.  The recipe for the mushrooms was taught to me by my neighbor, Beppi.  After having these … Continue reading

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Dinner for One – Veal Marsala

    The veal cutlets at the butcher today were irresistable–paper thin and no visible muscle or sinew.  This looked like the perfect dinner for one. The dish requires only a couple of pieces of thinly sliced veal, some flour, some butter … Continue reading

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Rib Eye alla Fiorentina

  I have a charbroiler on top of my stove that all my friends swore I’d never use because it’s too difficult to clean and makes too much smoke while grilling.   First of all, I use it often.  Secondly, I clean it … Continue reading

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Lamb Meatloaf with White Beans and Sage + Swiss Chard

I’m not a huge red meat eater and beef is always the last thing I’ll order or make, however, I do love lamb.  It’s more interesting than beef, slightly gamey and has a nice rich texture.  My favorite way to enjoy lamb … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Dinner

NEW YEARS EVE DINNER Menu  Salad of Watercress, Green Olive, Feta and Grapes  Braised Shoulder of Veal  Sauteed Wild Mushrooms  Sauteed Spinach Pappardelle with Parmiggiano and Butter   I was introduced to this dish by my eighty-nine year-old neighbor, Beppi, who … Continue reading

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