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Italian Flat Stringbeans with Zucchini and Tomato

As I indicated in my last post, my favorite meals for entertaining this time of year are those which consist of something from the grill, plus a variety of make-ahead side dishes. My mother is visiting again this weekend, and … Continue reading

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Dry-Brined Roast Chicken with Crispy Potatoes

This is a very similar technique to my butterflied roast chicken, with one key difference.  Here, I’ve used a dry-brine, as opposed to the wet brine in the prior recipe.  They are both wonderful methods of cooking a chicken.  This … Continue reading

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Turkey Breast with Porcini Sauce

My butcher often has free-range, organic turkey breasts, rolled and tied into compact little roasts.  This is a great weeknight meal which can be ready in an hour, and makes great leftovers for lunch (for several days). Although I’ve posted … Continue reading

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Roast Chicken Breasts with Rosemary and Lemon

This is a great dish to make for a dinner party, since it cooks (reliably) in about 45 minutes and needs almost no attention, as it perfumes the house with the irresistable aroma of roast chicken and rosemary.  It can rest … Continue reading

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Braciole of Chicken

This is a simple but festive dish we made at Po Restaurant in the late 1990’s.  It’s a simple chicken breast, pounded thin, stuffed with a combination of pine nuts, raisins, parmigiano and parsley, then rolled, lightly browned, and braised … Continue reading


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Chicken Scaloppine with White Wine and Shallots

Adjusting to a new kitchen has been a challenge.  Every time I set out to make something, I realize I’m missing ingredients or utensils that I took for granted in my full-time kitchen in Southampton.  The biggest challenge, however, has been … Continue reading

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Deconstructed Stuffed Chicken

Since I didn’t cook Thanksgiving dinner this year, I miss the leftovers that come with it–mainly stuffing–so I decided to make a chicken, and stuff it.  I always vary my stuffing, and this time, I’m using my neighbor Beppi’s recipe … Continue reading

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Beppi’s Spezzatino di Pollo

My neighbor Beppi’s chicken stew is one of the most aromatic, elegant chicken stews you will ever taste.  With its northern Italian combination of sherry, white wine, rosemary and shallots, it will perfume your kitchen and instantly warm you on … Continue reading

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Slow-Roasted Duck with Glazed Turnips

I was driving past a farm stand that I don’t usually frequent, and I could see the beautiful plump turnips and deep green heads of savoy cabbage all the way from the road. When I pulled in, I noticed that … Continue reading

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Scalloppine with Eggplant Sauce

Before I freeze the remainder of my Two Hour Eggplant Sauce, I’ve decided to make a quick dinner featuring it.   Eggplant and chicken are great together and this dish highlights their subtle combination. Scalloppine refers to thin cutlets (I’m using … Continue reading

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