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Tuna and Potato Croquettes

This is my take on a recipe of Mario’s that makes ingenious use of canned tuna and mashed potatoes.  I love croquettes of any kind, although, they’re a bit of work. For these croquettes, potatoes need to be boiled with … Continue reading

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Frutti di Mare with Couscous

This is a light and delicate main-course that features fish, scallops, aromatics  with a touch of orange for sweetness and brightness.  A variety of fish and shellfish can be used to make this dish.  I used three locally-caught varieties that … Continue reading

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Swordfish Milanese

Although I’m not a big consumer of takeout, last week at my local gourmet market, I noticed ‘Swordfish Milanese,’ which peeked my interest–they were broad, breaded pounded paillards of swordfish that looked crispy and golden.   They turned out to be not only crispy … Continue reading

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Spicy Squid Ink Linguini with Lobster and Jalapeno Pesto

I’ve had a request for a dish using squid ink linguini, so this morning I was on a mission as I browsed my local farmers’ market.  This one’s for you, Todd.  Jalapeno pesto was one of Mario’s innovations when I worked at Po … Continue reading

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Zuppa di Pesce

This soup can be made with a variety of different types of fish and seafood.  I picked the ones that were caught locally and that I liked.  Today’s soup had scallops, fluke and john dory. John dory has a silky … Continue reading

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Striped Bass with Leeks, Tomatoes and Olives

Striped bass is a local delicacy on the East End of Long Island–it’s available all through the winter and has the perfect texture for a variety of preparations.  It’s firm enough to grill without falling apart; it’s great in a … Continue reading

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Pancetta-Wrapped Scallops

Pork and shellfish have a natural affinity for one another.  The sweetness of scallops are greatly enhanced by the saltiness of pancetta or bacon. I happened to have some very thinly sliced pancetta in the fridge and I knew it … Continue reading

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Sauteed Peconic Bay Scallops

Peconic Bay Scallops are in season this time of year–different from the large sea scallops that we normally get year-round.  They are an exquisitely sweet treat. Because they are small and delicate, they need to be handled with care.  My … Continue reading

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Salsa Verde with Pan-Roasted Salmon

I’ve mentioned my neighbor Beppi’s salsa verde before, and I’ve been experimenting with my own.  Here is a version that I’m proud to call my own.  This sauce can go on a variety of grilled fish and meats, as well … Continue reading

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Pesce in Umido

I can always count on my mother to give me culinary inspiration.  While at the fish market without any direction, I spotted tilefish–a local fish in eastern Long Island–similar to striped bass.  The filets were thick, meaty and a nice … Continue reading

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