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Wax Beans with Caramelized Fennel and Black Olives

I’ve just received the first of this summers’ stringbean crop from my neighbor Beppi’s garden.  He raises three varieties–long beans, wax beans, and regular stringbeans.  I love the yellow wax beans–they’re sturdy in texture but mild and sweet in flavor. … Continue reading

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Italian Flat Stringbeans with Zucchini and Tomato

As I indicated in my last post, my favorite meals for entertaining this time of year are those which consist of something from the grill, plus a variety of make-ahead side dishes. My mother is visiting again this weekend, and … Continue reading

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Quinoa with Golden Beets, Cucumber and Dill

This is the perfect summer dish–a cross between a grain and a salad.   In the summer,  I’m always looking for dishes that can be served at room temperature.  My summer meals are often a combination of room-temperature salads with … Continue reading

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Mom’s Squash Flower Fritters

Squash flowers are a fleeting delicacy that emerge with the new summer crops of all the winter squash (acorn, butternut, etc.).  They must be picked and cooked on the same day, or at most, the next day–they wither and die … Continue reading

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Caramelized Celery Root with Kale and Cranberry Beans

This is a great, nutritious combination that goes well with simple grilled meats or fish.  Celery root is available year round and, like most root vegetables, despite its dirty, craggy exterior, what’s inside is sweet and complex. The dish begins … Continue reading

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Cicoria alla Romana

One of the great things about being in Rome is knowing that the same dishes will be on every restaurant menu at any given time of year.  When a vegetable or fish is in season, everyone offers it. I’m usually … Continue reading

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Crostini of Broccoli di Rapa and Ramps

Ramps are in season right now, and they’re a delicacy worth seeking out, if you like the flavor of garlic.  They’re found only at farm stands and their season doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks in spring.  They’re perfect for … Continue reading

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Pasta with Sauteed Mushrooms, Peas and Prosciutto

When I stated the other day, not to discard the pan drippings and onions from those chicken breasts–this is what I had in mind.  In addition to the chicken drippings, I had some leftover sauteed cremini mushrooms.  This dish is testament to … Continue reading

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Dinner for One–Sformato of Tuscan Kale

A sformato is basically a custard.  Different from a frittata, it isn’t fried, but gently baked in a water bath.  There is no golden-brown exterior–simply pale, rich softness, inside and out.  This is the perfect light supper or appetizer for … Continue reading

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Broccoli with Radicchio and Preserved Meyer Lemons

Last week I was intrigued by an article in the NY Times which gave a technique for quick-curing lemons.  I love to use citrus zest in cooking (which I learned from Mario),  so the idea of using the whole fruit sounded … Continue reading

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