Sorrel Salad with Grapes and Ricotta Salata

Although sorrel is a strong green to use in salad, I’m tempering it with some arugula as well.  The salad is a simple sweet-tart combination of greens, grapes, caramelized walnuts and ricotta salata. 

The walnuts are easy enough to prepare–simply saute them in a dry skillet for a few minutes while tossing and stirring, until they begin to smell toasty.  turn off heat and drizzle on some agave and sprinkle with salt.  Remove from heat and allow to cool.

For the dressing, I’m using a combination of lemon juice and pomegranate balsamic vinegar–a condiment that a good friend gave me a couple of years ago, which I use sparingly from time to time.  You can substitute regular balsamic vinegar in its place, since I realize the pomegranate version is not easy to find, but it gives the dressing an extra layer of sweetness.

Since I used ricotta salata for my polenta with bitter greens the other evening, I have some in the house–it will give the salad the salty component which will cut through all the sweetness of the grapes, sweet walnuts and sweet dressing.  But all the sweetness is a necessary counterpoint to the intensely tangy, lemony sorrel leaves. 

Sorrel Salad with Grapes and Ricotta Salata

serves 4

2 cups sorrel leaves. tightly packed, washed and sliced into 1″ ribbons

2 small bunches arugula (about 4 cups tightly packed), washed, dried and sliced into 1″ ribbons

1 c grapes, sliced in half

1 c caramelized walnuts (see above)

juice of half a lemon

2 tsp pomegranate balsamic vinegar (or plain balsamic vinegar)

2 tbls extra-virgin olive oil

1 tsp agave

salt and pepper to taste

ricotta salata for shaving over salad

Toss greens with grapes and sprinkle with vinegars, agave and oil.  Toss and sprinkle with salt.  Top with shavings of ricotta salata, walnuts and black pepper.



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