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Salad with Crispy Cracklings

This is a salad that I always serve when there’s a duck in the house.  I can never bring  myself to discard all that skin that takes so long to cut finely and render slowly–but I’m always happy I did … Continue reading

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Red Cabbage and Green Apple Slaw

Since I had red cabbage leftover from making my “kale slaw” the other day, I’ve used it to make a variation with granny smith apples.  This is as quick and simple to make as any salad. The cabbage gets sliced … Continue reading

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Corn Salad

This time of year, I love to serve side dishes that can be made ahead and served at room temperature.  Although the corn I’m using is from Florida, it’s beautifully sweet and it will stand in nicely until we have … Continue reading

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Kale Slaw

This dish is not Italian (or even Italian-influenced) but today, I’m making an all-American meal–burgers, oven-fries and a slaw of raw vegetables–predominantly kale. When I make burgers, I’m always looking for a good raw vegetable salad that’s not just cabbage … Continue reading

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Arugula Caprese

This was only the appetizer for tonight’s meal, but it was so great, I had to share it with you.  The dish began with a bag hanging on my back door, from my 89-year old neighbor, Beppi.  Beppi’s garden (which he … Continue reading

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Quinoa and Spinach Tabbouleh

Quinoa is a great alternative to Bulgur wheat for making tabbouleh–not that there’s anything wrong with bulgur.  I just happened to have a large bag of quinoa in the house, and tabbouleh sounds great on this very warm summer day. It’s still … Continue reading

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Sorrel Salad with Grapes and Ricotta Salata

Although sorrel is a strong green to use in salad, I’m tempering it with some arugula as well.  The salad is a simple sweet-tart combination of greens, grapes, caramelized walnuts and ricotta salata.  The walnuts are easy enough to prepare–simply saute … Continue reading

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Spinach and Grapes with Ricotta Bruschetta

This is another dish which has so few ingredients, they must all be impeccable–particularly the ricotta.  The fresher and creamier the ricotta, the more you will be seduced by this dish.  It’s a wonderful appetizer, but it’s also so sweet … Continue reading

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Pasta with Artichokes

  Since I have some leftover artichoke stew from the other evening (we ate all the chicken from it, but there’s a nice amount of artichokes and sauce left), I couldn’t resist tossing it with some bucattini and topping it … Continue reading

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Salad of Arugula and Apricots

This is a bright and sweet combination that was (once again) inspired by my weekend in California.  Arugula, dried apricots, tomatoes and green olives.  Topped with a blue/goat cheese, this is a wonderful sweet/tart combination of ingredients that is a thoroughly … Continue reading

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