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Beppi’s Fegato alla Veneziana

A dinner invitation from my neighbor, Beppi, is always a special and cherished occasion.  I look forward to watching Beppi work in the kitchen, still spry and masterful at the stove at 89 years-old.  His cooking is refined and elegant, and … Continue reading

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Papardelle with Spinach and Ricotta

This is a similar set of ingredients to an earlier post of mine (“pasta with spinach, ricotta and mint”) but with some key differences.  This is a butter-based sauce used to dress  fresh egg pasta, with spinach chopped finely and … Continue reading

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Mock Spring Vegetables

Although these are all genuine vegetables, they are not exactly all spring vegetables.  The beans are not fava beans, they’re soybeans (edamame) and they are found in my supermarket freezer.  The peas are also frozen, although I use fresh peas when … Continue reading

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Veal Cutlet (Scallopine)

This is essentially the same preparation I used in my prior post “crispy skate wing” only with veal, instead of fish.  I’ll take you through it step-by-step. First, the process of making seasoned breadcrumbs . . . Seasoned crumbs are often … Continue reading

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Professional Roast Chicken

The warm weather has inspired me to uncover my grill and begin cooking outdoors.  Unfortunately, this being the first day I’ve tested my grill (which was a little temperamental all last summer), I’ve discovered that it isn’t working properly. The chickens … Continue reading

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Seafood Risotto

I’m in the mood for a one-dish main course tonight but I don’t have a lot of time to prep ahead.  Seafood usually fills that bill nicely–it generally cooks quickly, with little or no time necessary to marinate or brine … Continue reading

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Trippa alla Veronese

This magnificent dinner arrived on my doorstep, courtesy of my 89-year old neighbor, Beppi.  For those of you who haven’t read my blog before,  Beppi is not only my neighbor, but a friend and mentor in the kitchen. Beppi owned … Continue reading

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Pasta con le Fave

Since I had willing help shucking my fava beans, I decided to make more with pasta tonight.  Fava beans go extraordinarily well with bacon, pancetta, or any salty porky meat.  My mother always made them with pancetta and cooked them … Continue reading

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Fava Beans with Leeks, Arugula and Mint

Tonight, I’ve decided to serve fava beans alongside lamb meatloaf (see post below).    Fava beans are a spring labor of love.  They require shucking from their pods, then each bean requires peeling.  This can be a fun activity for the … Continue reading

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Lamb Meatloaf

As promised, since I bought mint the other day for the oyster mushrooms, I’m in the mint-mode (which happens to work well with many spring dishes).  Therefore, I was inspired to make lamb meatloaf, which uses a half-cup of mint leaves.  … Continue reading

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